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MadridAtlantis Aquarium Madrid

The colorful city of Madrid is the third-largest city in Europe and comes with a unique set of attractions. Known for its exquisite European art, museums, palaces, historical monuments, parks, and of course, its food, the city has much to offer. 

One of its most famous attractions is the Atlantis Aquarium, which was established with the aim of raising awareness about sustainable development and conserving aquatic life. With their Atlantis Aquarium tickets, visitors can take a look at over 10,000 marine animals of around 150 species spread over 10 different aquariums. 

The facility has grown in popularity over the years, housing over 35,000 visitors a day, and should be on your list of things to do in Madrid! 

Why you Should Visit Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid

Visiting Atlantis Aquarium isn’t going to be the same as visiting any regular aquarium. You get to be a part of a novel concept that combines education with leisure in a unique way. This is a great way for you to reconnect with nature and the oceans! The family-friendly aquarium is also a wonderful place to let the little ones learn about aquatic life, our oceans, and our environment. The aquarium also uses world-class technology to transport its visitors to Antarctica or to the bottom of the ocean to see sharks.

The best part is that you get to be part of a very noble goal where Atlantis Aquarium aims at raising the importance of sustainable development, contributing to research about aquatic ecosystems, conserving the habitats of these species, and fighting climate change.  

Take a walk through different ecosystems like beaches, mangroves, shallow waters, and deep oceans and observe over 10,000 species live and interact with each other. 

Your Atlantis Aquarium Madrid Tickets Explained 

Atlantis Aquarium Madrid Tickets

Admissionto Atlantis Madrid

With your Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets, you get to skip the line and head right in to begin your journey! Your tickets will include entry into the aquarium and access to exhibits and projects. Tickets are only valid for the scheduled date, but there is a flexible cancellation policy allowing you to get a full refund up to 96 hours before the scheduled visit. 

Best Way to Buy Tickets to Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid

Although you have the option of buying tickets at the venue, we recommend securing a ticket online in advance. Buying an online ticket saves you time and money! You get to secure a spot at the attraction and plan other things to do on your visit. Online tickets give you access to special features, discounts, and packages, which you won’t be able to get if you buy your tickets directly at the venue. 

Discounted Atlantis Aquarium Madrid Tickets - Who is Eligible? 

Discounted Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets are available to children between 3 and 7 years, to senior citizens above 65 years of age, and people with disabilities who will have to carry an official medical certificate for their condition with them. Large families can also opt for discounted prices. 

Animals to Spot inside Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Animals in Atlantis Aquarium Madrid


At Atlantis Aquarium Madrid, you will find a wide array of fish from the sandy bottoms of the seas, to the rich reefs and deep oceans. Each of these species has a unique set of features and behaviors which you will get to observe closely. Watch out for the gray shark, Bali catshark, cow nose stripe, red piranha, golden horse mackerel, mosaic stripe, among others.

Animals in Atlantis Aquarium Madrid


Juanito Penguins are the third-largest species of penguins in the world. Get a glimpse of them interacting with each other and waddling about at the Atlantis Aquarium. Penguins usually live in huge colonies with their reproductive pairs, including thousands of penguins. There is a minor concern with this species and threat to their habitat, which you will learn about on your visit. 

Reptiles at Atlantis Aquarium Madrid


Sea turtles are a fascinating species and are unfortunately in a vulnerable position. Their conservation is crucial to protect their ecosystems and their future. They usually migrate around the ocean search for warm waters and approach beaches every 2 - 3 years. What’s cool about these creatures is that they have a natural compass that is drawn to the earth’s magnetism, with which they navigate around the oceans. 

Animals at Atlantis Aquarium Madrid


Don’t forget to watch out for the unique invertebrates - a rather fascinating group of species that thrive in different underwater ecosystems. Here you will find different types of leather coral including sinularia, sarcopython, and lobophytum. Jellyfish are another class of invertebrates that have been around for over 500 million years, and you get to see them up close at the aquarium. Other species to look out for are crabs, sea urchins, starfish, sea tomato, giant clams, and many more of these one-of-a-kind species. 

Exploring Atlantis Aquarium Madrid | Things To Do

Guided visit Atlantis aquarium Madrid

Guided Visits

There is so much we don’t know about our oceans and the multitude of ecosystems that live within them. Guided tours at Atlantis Aquarium are the best way to take back a wholesome experience with you, where you learn so much about aquatic creatures, sustainable development, and how you can help conserve ocean life. Expert guides at Atlantis Aquarium will take you through the aquarium giving you interesting facts and anecdotes about each creature, their ecosystems, and other important information that we need to know.

Atlantis Passport - Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Atlantis Passport

Don’t forget to collect your Atlantis Passport as you enter. Once you get your passport, open it to read an important message about how you can play an important part in changing the fate of our planet and become a guardian of the seas or an Ambassador of Atlantis. As your journey through the aquarium, you will have a series of tests and challenges which you will have to complete. Show your passport while exiting and get your badge as Ambassador of Atlantis if you complete all the tasks! 

Antarctic Experience Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Antarctic Experience

Most of us will probably never get a chance to explore the life and beauty at the poles, which is why at Atlantis Aquarium you can walk through ‘virtual Antarctica’ and interact with friendly creatures like penguins and seals! Travel to the South Pole with your friends and family and watch how life functions at this far end of the planet without worrying about getting frostbite. 

Shark Experience Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Shark Experience

Technology has made our lives so exciting and given room for a whole new level of experiences. Atlantis Aquarium has put together a virtual shark experience like no other for its guests. In this virtual shark experience, you get to dive down to the deepest darkest points of the ocean where these massive predators live. Get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures without worrying about losing an arm! 

Educational activities at Atlantis Madrid

Educational Activities

Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid is dedicated to educating current and future generations about the importance of conserving our planet, especially the oceans and marine life. They’ve put together an expert team of environmental educators to do just that. Many educational activities are available to school children that have been carefully designed to align with the current school curriculum for all stages of schooling. This ends up being both fun and informative for kids, where they can take back a valuable and memorable experience. 

Atlantis Madrid Aquarium

Conservation and Research

The oceans play a huge role in the functioning of our planet and it is for this reason that Atlantis Aquarium and Madrid go to great lengths when it comes to conservation and research. With the help of relevant institutions, they have led multiple research and conservation programs like captive breeding for endangered species, research programs for the caret turtle, reproduction of threatened species, research on assisted reproduction and the creation of a germplasm bank, and many others. 

Plan Your Visit To The Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Getting There
Must-Do Experiences
Atlantis Aquarium Timings

Opening Hours

Atlantis Aquarium Madrid opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday: 12 PM - 8 PM
  • Friday and Sunday: 12 PM - 9 PM
  • Saturday: 12 PM - 10 PM

Duration: We recommend spending 1-2 hours at Atlantis Aquarium on your visit. 

Best time to visit Atlantis Aquarium Madrid: Try to plan your visit on weekdays to avoid huge crowds. The aquarium is usually crowded on weekends and school and public holidays. 

Location and Directions

You can get to Atlantis Aquarium by bus or by car. 

By Car: If you’re driving there from Madrid, take Highway A-5, exit 22. 

By Bus: If you’re taking a bus from Madrid, look out for the following bus numbers - 528, 534, 539, 541, 545, 546, 547, and 548. 

From Móstoles, you can take bus numbers 498, 524, 529, 529A, 529H, 531, 531A, or L5. 

From Alcorcón, bus number 535 will take you to the aquarium and bus number 496 from Fuenlabrada.

Facilities at Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Facilities and Services

The following facilities are available at Atlantis Aquarium Madrid. 

  • Free car parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Baby-changing rooms
  • Restaurant/Cafeteria
  • Guided tours
  • Shopping area
  • Wheelchair accessibility
Must things to do at Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Must-Do Experiences

  • Antarctic Xperience: Explore the faraway region of the antarctic and its magnificent creatures. 
  • Shark Xperience: Dive deep into a deep virtual ocean and face its greatest predators.
  • Underwater Tunnel: Walk through a magical ocean world and watch your favorite marine creatures swim past. 
  • Interactive Beach: Take a walk on the beach while you tiptoe around the creatures that live on the shores.
  • Contact Tank: Dive into a deep tank and swim with sharks, rays, and other tropical fish.

General Rules to Keep in Mind while visiting Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the visit. 
  • Re-entry is not allowed into the aquarium once you leave the facility. 
  • Make sure you keep your ticket with you at all times during your visit. You may be asked to display it at any point in time, failing which, you will be asked to leave the facility. 
  • For safety reasons, food is not allowed inside the aquarium, neither are pets or any kind of equipment that might disturb the animals. 
  • Flash photography is strictly prohibited, including the use of selfie sticks. 
  • Visitors are required to wear appropriate and respectful clothing and footwear inside the aquarium. 
  • Entry into the aquarium with firearms or sharp objects is not allowed. Similarly, visitors are not allowed to carry drugs or narcotics inside the premises as well as the consumption of the same. 
  • Smoking is not permitted within the premises. 

FAQs | Atlantis Aquarium Madrid Tickets

Where can I buy Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets?

Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets can be purchased online and at the venue.

Who can get discounted Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets?

Discounted Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets are available to children (3 -7-year-olds), senior citizens (65+), and people with disabilities with an official medical certificate. Large families can also opt for discounted prices.

Is the Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid worth it?

Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid is home to over 10,000 marine animals. The facility is dedicated to protecting and conserving marine life and is definitely worth a visit.

How long does it take to walk through the Atlantis Aquarium Madrid?

You should give yourself 1 - 2 hours to completely explore the Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid.

Should I buy Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets in advance?

Buying Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets online will secure a spot for you just in case there’s a huge crowd. Online purchases are currently being encouraged due to the pandemic to minimize contact.

Which is the best way to purchase Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets?

The easiest way to purchase Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets is to book them online. This way you can also avail of special features like skip-the-line and discounts.

What is the validity of Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets?

Your Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets are valid for the date of the scheduled visit.

Can I cancel my Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets?

Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets have a free cancellation policy just in case your plans change.

Which animals can I expect to see at the Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid?

At the Atlantis Aquarium in Madrid, you can observe around 10,000 marine animals including the gentoo penguin, Caretta turtle, the grey shark, jellyfish, tropical fish, and corals.

Can I reschedule my Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets?

Atlantis Aquarium Madrid tickets are valid for the date of the scheduled visit and cannot be rescheduled.