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Aquariums in Madrid

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any aquariums in Madrid?

Yes, there are a few different aquariums in Madrid that you can visit! The most popular one is the Madrid Zoo Aquarium and Atlantis Aquarium.

Where can I buy tickets to aquariums in Madrid?

You can buy Madrid aquarium tickets online at this link.

How many Aquariums are in Madrid?

There are 2 main aquariums in Madrid- the Zoo Aquarium Madrid and Atlantis Aquarium. Both places have many themed areas housing marine life from all over the world.

Which is the best aquarium in Madrid?

Zoo Aquarium Madrid is the most popular aquarium in Madrid, and for good reason! It is a large and well-maintained facility that houses a wide variety of different aquatic animals.

How many zoos are in Madrid?

Madrid has 2 zoos. The Zoo Aquarium Madrid is one of the oldest in the world. Zoo Koki is relatively new- founded in 1982.

How much time should I spend in Zoo Aquarium Madrid?

The 20 hectare campus requires an entire day to explore. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll need at least half a day to check out the main attractions.

Are aquariums in Madrid accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, Madrid aquariums are accessible by wheelchair. All of them are friendly towards persons with disabilities.

Is there a dress code one should maintain while visiting aquariums and zoos in Madrid?

No place in Madrid has a strict dress code. However, remember to wear comfortable clothes that suit the weather.

Do aquariums in Madrid have events and exhibitions?

Yes, aquariums have events and exhibitions. While most of them are educational in nature, the aquariums also allow birthday parties.

Are there eateries in aquariums and zoos in Madrid?

Yes, most aquariums and zoos have in-house eateries. However, all of them have restaurants and cafes, located close by.

What kind of aquatic animals can you see in Zoo Aquarium Madrid?

You can see fishes and aquatic mammals from all over the world. The most notable ones are the Mediterranean sea horse and Mule Pipefish.

Is the Zoo Aquarium Madrid worth visiting?

Yes, the Zoo Aquarium is worth a visit. A large number of animals, fishes, and birds along with educational activities makes the zoo aquarium attractive.

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