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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any zoos in Madrid?

Yes, Madrid has many small and big zoos spread across the city. Depending on the size of the zoo, you can watch hundreds or even thousands of unique animals. Faunia and Madrid Aquarium Zoo are two zoos that attract the most visitors.

Where can I buy entry tickets for zoos in Madrid?

Booking your tickets to zoos in Madrid online can help you grab exciting deals. Click here to get the best deals.

What can I see at Faunia in Madrid?

Faunia in Madrid is home to unique animals residing in their home ecosystems. From the Poles to the Amazon Jungle, Faunia provides insight into 15 ecosystems on the planet.

What can I see at Madrid Aquarium Zoo in Madrid?

Like Faunia, the Madrid Aquarium Zoo offers a unique experience. You can meet over 500 animals, mammals, and marine animals inside the zoo. You’ll find animals of all sizes, including tiny insects and sharks.

Are there any aquariums in Madrid?

There are several interesting aquariums in Madrid. Atlantis Aquarium Madrid and Zoo Aquarium Madrid are the most popular aquariums in Madrid.

Which is the most famous zoo in Madrid?

Faunia is the most famous zoo in Madrid.

How much time should I spend in a zoo in Madrid?

Depending on the size of the zoo, you may need some hours or the entire day to explore all sections of the zoo.

Are zoos in Madrid wheelchair accessible?

Every zoo in Madrid provides access to a wheelchair.

Do zoos in Madrid have events and exhibitions?

Every zoo in Madrid hosts certain live shows and educational events to help you gain insight into the lives of the wildlife.

Can you use public transport to visit a zoo in Madrid?

Public transport is an affordable way to visit zoos in Madrid.

Is it safe to visit zoos in Madrid post-COVID-19?

Yes, zoos in Madrid are safe to visit post-COVID-19. They’re regularly sanitised and conduct temperature checks.

What kind of animals can you find in Madrid zoos and aquariums?

Zoos and aquariums in Madrid are home to exotic birds, unique marine animals, and endangered animals like the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Which are the top zoos outside Madrid?

Faunia, Zoo Koki, and Safari Madrid are the top zoos outside Madrid.

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