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Madrid Prado Museum

The Prado Museum boasts an extensive collection Spanish art, along with masterpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque eras by the likes of Raphael and Titian. Book Prado Museum tickets to enjoy skip-the-line entry, guided tours, or combo offers with Royal Palace of Madrid.

Royal Palace Of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid hosts several monumental attractions, notably the Grand Staircase, Royal Library, Royal Armory, and Crown Room. With Royal Palace of Madrid tickets, enjoy a guided tour the site, with priority access and combo tours with popular attractions in the city.

Wax Museum Madrid

Explore the world where art meets reality at Madrid's Wax Museum. See lifelike wax figures of celebrities, historical icons, and beloved characters. From Hollywood to history, our Wax Museum Madrid tickets offer an immersive journey through time and fame.

Liria Palace

Discover Madrid's Liria Palace, an opulent historical gem. Admire stunning architecture, rich collections, and its significance in Spanish history. Enjoy skip-the-line entry, audio guides, tours, and exclusive combo offers with entry to other iconic landmarks.

Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium Tours

Explore football passion and history at Madrid's Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium. Walk iconic corridors, grandstand, locker rooms, and press room. Immerse in club heritage with tickets for a behind-the-scenes journey at a premier Spanish stadium.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Explore art from Renaissance to modern-day at Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid. Dive into a diverse collection of masterpieces, witnessing art's evolution. Get tickets for a cultural journey at a premier art institution.

Museum of Illusions Madrid

Explore optical illusions and mind-bending exhibits at Madrid's Museum of Illusions. Challenge your perceptions and secure tickets for a journey blurring reality and illusion.

Reina Sofia Museum

Visit Madrid's Reina Sofia Arts Center to discover impressive pieces from 20th-century art by maestros such as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. Book Reina Sofía Museum tickets to enjoy guided tours, priority entry, and combo tours with other popular attractions in the city.

Legends Football

Step onto the hallowed turf and witness football legends come to life with Legends Football tickets. An immersive experience awaits sports enthusiasts.

Fundación MAPFRE Madrid

Discover the captivating world of art, culture, and social initiatives at Fundación MAPFRE Madrid. With thought-provoking exhibitions and educational programs, it's a hub for enriching experiences that promote well-being and social progress.

Royal Collections Museum Madrid

Discover the rich heritage of Royal Collections Museum in Madrid. Immerse yourself in exquisite art, historic artifacts, and royal treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most-visited museum in Madrid?

Reina Sofía is the most-visited museum in Madrid, receiving more than three million visitors yearly.

Are there any art museums in Madrid?
What are some must-see artefacts or exhibits in the museums of Madrid?
  1. Paul Gauguin's Mata Mua - Reina Sofia Museum
  2. Hieronymus Bosch's St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness - Museo Lázaro Galdiano
  3. Sofonisba Anguissola's Portrait of Philip II of Spain - Museo Nacional del Prado
Are there any unique museums in Madrid?
  1. The Garment Museum | Spanish Clothing
  2. The Robot Museum | Technology Museum
  3. Museum for the Blind | Dedicated to the Blind
  4. Postal and Telegraph Museum | Posts and Postal History
  5. INEF Museum | Modern Art
How much do museum tickets usually cost in Madrid?

Tickets to Prado Museum in Madrid begin from €15, while the cost for others vary from €10 to €24.

Are there any discounts on Madrid museum tickets for kids?

Yes. Many museums in Madrid offer discounts for kids. Some even offer free access for students with valid IDs.

Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known museums in Madrid worth visiting?
Is there an age limit for entering museums in Madrid?

There is no age limit for entering museums in Madrid. Visitors of all ages can explore the unique museums in the Spanish capital. However, some museums may have restrictions on certain exhibits for young children.

Are museums in Madrid accessible to all?

Yes. Museums in Madrid can be comfortably explored by all visitors, including those with disabilities.

What facilities are available for visitors with disabilities?
  • Adapted restrooms
  • Ramps and platforms
  • Elevators
  • Audio guides
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Rented wheelchairs
Is there a dress code for museums in Madrid?

Museums in Madrid don’t have a dress code, but ensure you wear respectful clothing. Museums are formal places, so it’s better to wear smart casuals.

Do museums in Madrid involve a lot of walking?

Museums in Madrid may involve substantial walking. Depending on the museum you visit, you might need between 2-4 hours to explore the artefacts in the museum.

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