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MadridRoyal Collections Museum Madrid

The Royal Collections Gallery (Museo de la Colección Real) in Madrid is an incredible gallery that features Spanish art and historical artifacts. With its extraordinary artworks and rich historical significance, it's a must-visit for art enthusiasts and history lovers. Discover ticket information, highlights, and practical details, below to enhance your visit and immerse yourself in Spain's artistic heritage at the Royal Collections Gallery.

Royal Collections Gallery

Royal Collections Gallery Ticket

  • Experience The Royal Collections Gallery: Head to the amazing Royal Collections Gallery with this ticket that gives you direct access to the site.
  • Visit This Iconic Museum: Explore one of Madrid's most iconic museums at your own pace
  • Explore Spanish Art: Gain access to a treasure trove of Spanish art at the Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid and experience one of the most extraordinary art collections in the world.
Royal Palace of Madrid

Skip The Line Tickets

  • Avoid Ticket Queues: Skip the queues at the Royal Collections Gallery and enjoy the hassle-free entry, without having to worry about long waiting times.
  • Set Your Own Pace: Enjoy the freedom to explore at your own pace, by skipping the wait. 
  • Flexibility: With a skip the line ticket to the Royal Collections Gallery, you can spend as much time as you like admiring the artworks and diving deep into the stories behind each piece, without feeling rushed
Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid

Combo Tickets

  • Multiple Attractions: With a combo ticket for the Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid, you not only gain entry to this exceptional museum but also enjoy access to additional attractions, enhancing your overall experience and value for money.
  • Cultural Exploration: The combo ticket allows you to delve deeper into Madrid's cultural heritage by visiting multiple attractions. 
  • Convenient Planning: By purchasing a combo ticket, you simplify the planning process for your Madrid visit.
Las Meninas Painting Prado Museum

Popular Paintings

Admire Velázquez's iconic "Las Meninas" and "The Triumph of Bacchus," experience the beauty of Goya's evocative "Black Paintings," and discover the enchanting works by Murillo.

Tantalizing Tapestries

Tantalizing Tapestries

The gallery boasts an extensive collection of 16th-century tapestries, showcasing captivating scenes from mythology, history, and everyday life.

Stunning Sculptures

Stunning Sculptures

The gallery features a range of sculptures crafted by talented artists. From classical marble sculptures to more contemporary pieces.

Historic Manuscripts

Historic Manuscripts and Documents

The gallery houses a collection of valuable manuscripts, documents, and maps. These provide insights into Spain's rich cultural heritage and its connections to the rest of the world.

Royal Portraits

Royal Portraits

Encounter exquisite portraits of Spanish monarchs, nobility, and prominent figures, painted by renowned artists like Goya, and El Greco, providing a glimpse into the royal history of Spain.


Temporary Exhibitions

The gallery regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, showcasing diverse artists. These exhibitions offer a chance to explore different aspects of Spanish art and culture.

Nearby Attractions
Food and Drinks
Getting There
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Royal Palace of Madrid

Monday- Saturday- 10am to 8pm

Sundays and Public holidays -10am to 7pm

Royal palace By Metro

Address - Callede Bailén, 8, 28013 , Madrid, Spain

Find it on maps

By Metro- Ópera (L2, L5, R)

By Train- Madrid-Sol

By Bus - 3, 148, SE712, N16

  • Three separate exhibition levels 
  • A space for educational workshops
  • Cafeteria
  • A viewing point
  • Two entrances 

Visitor Tips 

  • Check the Website: Visit the website in advance to stay updated on the currently active exhibitions at the Royal Collections Gallery.
  • Arrive Early: Make the most of your visit by arriving early to allow ample time to explore the extensive collection.
  • Explore Nearby Attractions: Maximize your visit by exploring the surrounding attractions in the area, enhancing your overall experience in Madrid.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: Ensure a comfortable visit by wearing appropriate footwear as you navigate the large gallery and spend an extended time on your feet.
  • Utilize Educational Resources: Take advantage of the gallery's educational resources, which can provide valuable insights and enhance your understanding of the artworks.
Where can I purchase Royal Collections Gallery tickets?

You can buy  Royal Collections Gallery  at the counter or online. Book your Royal Collections Gallery tickets online for a hassle-free experience.

Where can I buy cheap Royal Collections Gallery tickets?

You can buy tickets for the Royal Collections Gallery at a reduced price online. Make use of the discounts available and get priority access to the museum with skip-the-line tickets

What is the best way to buy Royal Collections Gallery tickets?

Buying online is the best option for Royal Collections Gallery tickets as it is extremely convenient, allows you to skip queues, and ensures you secure your spot in advance

What is the Royal Collections Gallery?

The Royal Collections Gallery is an art museum located within the Palacio Real complex (Royal Palace) in Madrid. It showcases a remarkable collection of Spanish art and historical artifacts.

What can I see inside the Royal Collections Gallery?

Visitors can see a diverse range of artworks, including paintings by renowned Spanish artists, sculptures, tapestries, royal artifacts, and historic manuscripts.

What are the daily timings for the Royal Collections Gallery?

The gallery is open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 7pm on Sundays and other public holidays  .

Where is the Royal Collections Gallery located?

Callede Bailén, 8, 28013 , Madrid, Spain

Is the Royal Collections Gallery accessible by public transport?

Yes, the Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid is accessible by public transport, including the Madrid Metro and bus services.

Does the Royal Collections Gallery have a restaurant?

The Royal Collections Gallery in Madrid has a café within its premises along with various restaurants and other cafes in the area