Take a Close Look at the Interiors of Liria Palace

The Interiors of Liria Palace

Liria Palace’s history is intertwined with Spain’s past. The palace's residents, the Alba Family, symbolize the country’s rich heritage and independent mindset. Use the below guide to learn about the Liria Palace interior.

About Liria Palace

Liria Palace, Madrid, is the official residence of the Alba Family. Various generations of the Albas have called Liria Palace home since the 18th century, with the palace now open to visitors. The palace has several attractions, like:

  • Art Collection: The Albas collected paintings, sculptures, and other art pieces for generations. Their art collection is unique, diverse, and among the biggest in Madrid. You can visit the palace and see the art collections.
  • Library: Liria House is home to a massive library containing over 18,000 books and manuscripts.
  • Rooms: The Albas lived a royal life. They had a room for everything, including events and dining. You can visit these rooms during your Liria Palace interior visit.

Top Things To See Inside Liria Palace

Liria Palace's interior exudes royalty. It is a spell-binding place for art and antique lovers: each room is designed with an artist’s finesse.

Liria palace


Liria Palace’s Grand Staircase is the epitome of luxury and royalty. It was designed by British architect Edwin Lutyens, later replaced by Louis Guilbert and Ventura Rodriguez. It has a wooden design with beautiful lamps at regular points, adding beauty. The Staircase leads to several elegant rooms in the palace and the Library.

Liria Palace Library


The Albas were art patrons, collecting famous paintings in the Liria Palace for centuries. However, they also built an impressive library featuring rare books and manuscripts. The Library at Liria Palace holds a comprehensive collection of royal and colonial documents, some 18,000 in number.

Original manuscripts and maps drawn by Christopher Columbus and a pre-nuptial agreement between Joanna of Castile, daughter of the Catholic monarchs, and Phillip, the Hapsburg Archduke of Austria, are some highlights of the Liria Palace Library. You’ll also find the first-edition copy of Don Quixote, a Spanish epic novel by Miguel de Cervantes, printed in 1605 in Liria Palace.

Liria palace art collection

Art Collection

The Alba Family were renowned for their impressive art collection, which they compiled over centuries. The palace has many notable paintings, including a portrait of the 13th Duchess of Alba by Francisco Goya. It was leased out to the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, along with portraits of other members by Titian and Rubens, but was returned recently. The palace also has memorable works by El Greco, Titian, and Velázaquez.

Room in Liria palace

Themed Rooms

Pass through the Library, and you’ll enter the private residence area of the Liria Palace. The Dining Room, Ballroom, Empress Room, Spanish Room, Stuart Room, and Italian Room are all located after the Library. The Flemish Room is another section you can check out.

It contains the portrait of Charles V and the Empress Isabella of Portugal by Rubens and works by David Teniers the Younger and Jan Brueghel the Elder. The Spanish room, meanwhile, contains a Christ on the Cross by El Greco, a portrait of the Infanta Margarita by Velázquez, and paintings by Murillo, Zurbarán and Ribera. You can also visit the Zuloaga Room and check out the full-length portrait of María del Rosario Silva y Gurtubay.

Additional Information About What's Inside Liria Palace

Liria Palace is a unique attraction that'll stay with you forever. The music accompanying you on guided tours is carefully selected and closely relates to the history of Liria Palace. The classical music played on the tour was loved by the Albas, who encouraged music throughout time. 

Compositions by Juan de Urrede, the first master in the service of the 1st Duke of Alba in 1476, Gioachino Rossini, a friend of the XIV Duke of Alba, and Haydn, who composed pieces for the XIII Duchess of Alba, are played on the tours. Works by Boccherini, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, and Offenbach are also part of Liria Palace’s guided tour musical set.

Liria Palace Tickets and Tours

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Can I go Inside Liria Palace?

Yes. You can enter Liria Palace with a valid ticket. Free entry to the palace is offered only on Mondays (public holidays not included) at the 9:15 AM and 9:45 AM tours.

You can easily purchase a guided tour or skip-the-line ticket to Liria Palace online. Tickets are priced starting at €18.

Visitor Tips

  • Tickets: Don’t throw your ticket away after you enter Liria Palace. Keep it with you until you leave.
  • Best time to visit: Visit Liria Palace in the morning or on weekdays to avoid long queues.
  • Wheelchair access: Inform Liria Palace’s staff if you or your guests need a wheelchair to move around the palace.
  • Affordable option: Visit on non-holiday Mondays in the morning at 9 to get free access to Liria Palace. It is an excellent choice for visitors on a budget.
  • ID proof: Discounted tickets to Liria Palace are offered to students, senior citizens, etc. However, ensure you present proof of the same while buying tickets online.
  • Shop access: If you’re planning to buy souvenirs, purchase a Liria Palace tour ticket.
  • Bags: You can bring your luggage to Liria Palace but ensure it isn’t bigger than the size of the locker.
  • Prohibited items: Weapons, hazardous substances, large objects, pointed or sharp objects, etc., are prohibited inside Liria Palace.
  • Pets: Don’t bring your pets to Liria Palace. Only assistance dogs and therapeutic animals are allowed access to the palace.
  • Garden area: Do not step on the grass, and avoid touching plants, flowers and decorative elements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liria Palace Interiors

What's inside Liria Palace?

Liria Palace is the official residence of the Alba Family. Generations of the family have lived in the palace, collecting artworks, books, and manuscripts. The palace’s interior contains amazing paintings, sculptures, and antiques.

Can you tour inside Liria Palace?

Yes. You can tour inside Liria Palace.

How big is Liria Palace?

Liria Palace’s art collection is spread across three floors, with 14 rooms available for visitors.

Can you take pictures inside Liria Palace?

No. You cannot take pictures inside Liria Palace.

Is it free to view inside the Liria Palace?

Liria Palace is free to visit only on non-holiday Mondays up to 10 AM.

Is Liria Palace worth it?

Yes. Liria Palace is worth it because it has a beautiful neoclassical design, houses three floors of paintings and portraits, and has a library containing over 18,000 prints.

Who designed Liria Palace?

Louis Guilbert and Ventura Rodriguez designed Liria Palace.

Where is Liria Palace located?

Liria Palace is located at C. de la Princesa, 20, 28008 Madrid, Spain. Find on Map

When was Liria Palace built?

Liria Palace was built towards the end of the 18th century.