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Reina Sofía guided tours | Explore Madrid's art gem

Which guided tour is best for you?

If you want to explore beyond Reina Sofia

Duration: 4 hours

Suited for: People looking to combine and explore two of Madrid’s iconic national museums in a single experience.  

Why go for it?

  • Get fast-track entry at both attractions and see Salvador Dali and Picasso's best work without burning a hole in your wallet. 
  • Each artwork takes you back in time spanning from the Spanish Golden Age to mindblowing masterpieces by Goya at Prado and other renowned artists including Gutiérrez Solana, Ramón Casas, and Ignacio Zuloaga at Reina. 

Recommended tours:

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins

Suited for: Tourists traveling in groups looking for a personalized and intimate experience.

Why go for it?

  • Explore one of Spain’s elite Museums, the Reina Sofia in all its grandeur in this experience tailored just for your small group.
  • Unravel the best-kept secrets of this iconic and elite Spanish museum that houses masterpieces spanning different genres including magical realism, modernism, fluid surrealism, and more. 
  • You can opt for English, Spanish, Italian-speaking, or bilingual guides based on your preference as you discover and learn about some of the finest Spanish artists. 

Recommended tours:

Why take a guided tour of Reina Sofia?

  • Multi-language experience: Explore Spain’s elite national museum led by Spanish, English-speaking, or bilingual guides as they share invaluable anecdotes, precious insights, and trivia.
  • Spanish Art: Take a trip back in time as you walk past some of the most famous masterpieces created by Spain’s finest artists including Salvador Dali, Miro, and Picasso among others spanning different eras.
  • Meet like-minded people: Meet like-minded people who share similar interests during guided tours.
  • Pocket-friendly: All Reina Sofia guided tours provide excellent value for money allowing you to marvel at legendary pieces of Spanish art made by top Spanish artists.
  • Intimate and personalized experience: Upgrade to a six-people private tour which offers a more intimate and tailored experience led by bilingual expert guides.

Frequently asked questions about Reina Sofia Guided Tours

How much does a Reina Sofia guided tour cost?

The cost of Reina Sofia guided tour depends on the type of guided tour you opt for. That said, you guided tours can range from €26 to €50 per person.

Which is the best Reina Sofia tour?

The best Reina Sofia tour to explore only the museum is the Reina Sofia Museum Guided Tour. However, you should opt for the Prado and Reina Sofia Guided Tour for a combined visit to two of the most elite museums in Madrid - Prado and Reina Sofia. If you are looking for a more personalized and a tailored experience, consider booking the Reina Sofia Museum Small-Group or Private Guided Tour

Why should I opt for a guided tour of the Reina Sofia and what does it include?

You should opt for a guided tour of the Reina Sofia to explore the museum’s artwork created by prominent Spanish artists and learn about their rich history and significance. Led by English, Spanish-speaking or bilingual guides, the tour allows you to discover the ins and outs of the museum at a comfortable pace.

What parts of the Reina Sofia can I access with a guided tour?

You can access all the main areas of the Reina Sofia with a guided tour including the artworks, different rooms in the Sabatini Building, the Nouvel Building, and more.

Are the Reina Sofia guided tours suitable for children?

Yes, Reina Sofia guided tours are suitable for children. Additionally, children across various ages can indulge in various activities at the Reina Sofia Museum.