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Reina Sofía Museum map | Navigate Madrid's art masterpieces

The Reina Sofia is one of the most iconic and elite art museums in Madrid, Spain. It is home to a dazzling array of pieces of art, particularly from the 20th century made by prominent Spanish artists including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Juan Miro, and more. 

This Reina Sofia map offers clarity over the location of different masterpieces within the museum. 

Where is Reina Sofia?

Reina Sofia map

Kindly refer to this map which clearly illustrates all the major highlights within the Reina Sofia Museum.

Visitor tips

  • There are four main areas or venues within the Reina Sofia Museum complex including the Main Venue, which houses the Nouvel and the Sabatini Building. The other notable venues include Palacio de Cristal, Palacio de Velázque, and Parque del Retiro.
  • Entry to the Reina Sofia Museum via the Sabatini building and the Nouvel Building is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Toilets or washrooms are located at either ends of the Sabatini Building and near Tower 1 and Tower 2. Refer to the map to locate the nearest washroom to you. 
  • You can also use the map to find the nearest stairs or elevator to get around the Reina Sofia comfortably.

Frequently asked quesions about Reina Sofia Maps

Is there a map available of Reina Sofia?

Yes, a map of Reina Sofia is available on the museum’s official website. You can click here to access it.

Is it important to have a map of the Reina Sofia?

While it isn’t mandatory to have a map of the Reina Sofia, it is easier to navigate around the premises with it. It is also helpful to carry a map to find the nearest washrooms, elevators, stairs, and other facilities.

What facilities are available at Reina Sofia?

The different facilities available at Reina Sofia include Wifi, elevators, washrooms, shops, cafes, restaurants, cloakrooms, and lockers. Additionally, there are provisions for baby changing across the washrooms in the Sabatini building.

Is Reina Sofia wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all the areas open to the public are wheelchair accessible. Additionally, there are plenty of services including comfortable ramps, wheelchairs, and washrooms to ensure all disabled guests are comfortable during their visit to the museum.

Where can I book my Reina Sofia tickets?

You can easily book your Reina Sofia tickets online by clicking her