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All You Need To Know About The Santiago Bernabeu Map

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has been Real Madrid's home since 1947, named after club legend Santiago Bernabeu. With a seating capacity of over 81,044, it hosted four UEFA Champions League finals and the finals of the 1964 European Nations' Cup and the 1982 FIFA World Cup. From modest beginnings to becoming Europe's largest stadium, let's unravel the mysteries of this iconic stadium by understanding its layout.

Where is Santiago Bernabeu Stadium located?

Map of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium seating plan

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Presidential Box

 Positioned at the center of the main stand, the Presidential Box offers the most exclusive seating in the entire stadium. It provides a luxurious viewing experience for VIPs, dignitaries, and club officials, complete with plush seats, impeccable service, and unobstructed views of the action on the pitch.

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Main Stand (Tribuna)

Flanking the Presidential Box, the Main Stand is divided into several tiers, each offering premium seating options. These sections provide excellent views of the pitch and are favored by corporate clients, sponsors, and affluent fans who seek comfort and prestige during matches.

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Lateral Stands (Laterales)

 Running along the sides of the pitch, the Lateral Stands consist of multiple levels of seating. These sections cater to a diverse range of fans, from season ticket holders to tourists, offering varying perspectives of the game. The lower tiers are closer to the action, providing an immersive experience, while the upper tiers have panoramic views of the stadium and surrounding cityscape.

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Fondo Sur and Fondo Norte (South and North Ends)

Located behind each goal, the Fondo Sur and Fondo Norte sections are where some of the most passionate supporters gather to cheer on their beloved team. These areas, also known as the "Ultras" sections, are characterized by their passionate chants, colorful banners, and energetic displays of support.

Visitor tips

  • The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium features interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that provide insights into the club's history and achievements. Take your time to interact with these exhibits and learn more about the club.
  • Don't forget to visit the stadium's official store to purchase souvenirs and merchandise to commemorate your visit.
  • While in Madrid, don't miss the chance to indulge in the local cuisine. 
  • After your tour, take some time to explore the surrounding area of the stadium, known as the Chamartín district.
  • The best way to experience the stadium tour is to go on a match day. The tour may not be as extensive but you will be able to enjoy the matchday atmosphere. Keep in mind that the tour is open 5 hours before the match begins.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as you will have to do some walking and climbing stairs during the tour.
  • Bring cash or credit cards to purchase souvenirs, snacks, or drinks inside the stadium.

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Frequently asked questions about the Santiago Bernabeu map

Where can I get a copy of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium map?

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium maps are available at the stadium entrances, ticketing counters, information desks, and online through the official website. 

What is the capacity of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium?

The Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has a seating capacity of approximately 81,044 spectators.

Are there seating options available for visitors with disabilities at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium?

Yes, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium provides accessible seating areas, wheelchair-accessible platforms, and companion seating for visitors with disabilities. 

Is the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium tour recommended for families with children, and are there any age restrictions?

The stadium tour is suitable for visitors of all ages, including families with children. However, it's important to note that children must be accompanied by adults, and certain tour activities may have age restrictions or safety guidelines in place.

How long does the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium tour typically last, and what does it include?

The duration of the stadium tour can vary depending on the package selected and visitor preferences. On average, tours last approximately 60 to 90 minutes and include access to the pitch, player's tunnel, dressing rooms, trophy room, and other highlights of the stadium.

Are there restrictions on accessing certain seating areas or sections of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium during the tour?

While most areas of the stadium are accessible during the tour, certain sections may be restricted due to ongoing renovations, maintenance, or private events. Visitors are typically informed of any restrictions before the start of the tour.

Are there any interactive or multimedia exhibits available to learn more about the seating plan and stadium history during the tour?

Yes, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium tours feature interactive exhibits, multimedia displays, and audiovisual presentations that provide information about the stadium's seating plan, architectural features, and significant events in its history.