Santiago Bernabeu Renovation Updates & Completion Date

The home of Spanish and European football giants Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabéu is a football stadium like few others. It boasts incredible history and is among the biggest, most advanced, and most thrilling stadiums to watch football in Europe. The Bernabéu has always been the benchmark for football stadiums worldwide, and its reputation is set to hit new heights with its massive renovation.

Under a joint project led by GMP Arquitectos and L35 Ribas, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium will get a complete makeover and establish itself as one of the best and most modern sporting arenas.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation Timeline

  • 1944: Santiago Bernabeu, the former Spanish footballer, and Rafael Salgado get funds to acquire land for a stadium.
  • 1947: The stadium was inaugurated.
  • 1955: The stadium saw its first major reconstruction, increasing capacity to 125,000.
  • 1955: General Assembly of Members Compromisaros named the stadium Santiago Bernabeu in honour of club President Santiago Bernabeu.
  • 1972: First electronic scoreboard was set up in the stadium.
  • 1994: Following UEFA's guidelines for spectator safety, the Bernabeu was upgraded to provide a more comfortable experience.
  • 2018: Current club President Florentino Pérez's renovation plans to revamp the stadium were approved in the 2018 General Assembly.
  • 2019: The remodelling process began.
  • 2022: Work was to be completed by 2022, but the pandemic and war in Ukraine delayed plans.
  • 2023: The club aims at completing reconstruction just in time for the 2023-24 season.

Santiago Bernabeu's Renovation Highlights

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Stadium Renovation

The Bernabeu's renovation will transform it into a state-of-the-art arena. It'll feature a wrap-around facade having steel strips that light up when projected with images. The option of permanent and retractable roofs will protect the seats from rain and snow, while the stadium will also have a dedicated esports area. Security, accessibility, and evacuation will also improve with Bernabeu's reconstruction. More entry points will prevent overcrowding and promise better security. New escalators will also be installed to ensure the movement of fans is fluid on match days.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Museum Extension

The museum inside the Bernabeu is the best place to learn about the legend of Real Madrid. It's a great place already, but the stadium's reconstruction also promises a revamp of the museum. It will be centred around the Paseo de la Castellana area. A new interactive section will use virtual reality to bring fans closer to the legends of Real Madrid. Tour Bernabéu will be extended to provide fans with a panoramic tour of the stadium's outer rim.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Shopping Facilities

According to club President Florentino Pérez, the revamped Bernabeu will generate more revenue for the club. One of the ways is through the several shopping facilities being built in the stadium. Two new Real Madrid stores will be opened in the complex as part of the reconstruction plan. With technology at the forefront of the new stadium, shopping experiences will be enhanced. Digital points of sale will allow fans to shop for their favourite brands. Everything, from phones to clothes, will be sold at these digital points of sale.

Interesting Facts About Santiago Bernabeu's Renovation

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Santiago Bernabeu's Renovation Completion Date

The Bernabeu's renovation started in 2019 and was scheduled to be completed in 2022. However, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine caused several problems, pushing back the completion date to the start of the 2023-24 season. Fans will be eager to catch the remodeled Bernabeu, with all its new features and enhanced fan experiences. The wrap-around facade with steel strips will be a huge attraction, as it will light up when projected with images. Two new Real Madrid stores are also being opened, and fans can also shop their favorite brands at digital points of sale.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Santiago Bernabeu's Capacity Post Renovation

Post its reconstruction, the Bernabeu will accommodate close to 85,000 spectators, making it one of the biggest football stadiums in Europe. However, the number is way short of the Bernabeu's capacity in 1955, when it could host 125,000 spectators. It was brought down to 98,000 in the 1980s to comply with FIFA's new directions. Then, in 1994, the stadium was redeveloped, and the capacity was increased to 106,000. The stadium's east side was expanded in the 200s, with new boxes and VIP areas added to the arena. It decreased the seating capacity to just over 80,000 spectators.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Santiago Bernabeu's Renovation Cost

Florentino Pérez's ambitious plan to revamp the Bernabéu was always going to be costly. The rebuild is expected to cost the Spanish giants over €800 million, with most of it funded through loans. Six months after the club's plans were approved in the September 2018 General Assembly, Real arranged a €575 million credit loan from Bank of America Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. The loan is repayable over 35 years with annual payments of €29.3 and a maximum interest of 2.5%.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Florentino Perez's Opinion On Santiago Bernabeu's Renovation

The Bernabeu's reconstruction was the brainchild of Florentino Pérez, the club's current President. He wanted to further establish the Bernabeu as the global benchmark for sports and architecture. His dream is to turn Santiago Bernabéu into an exemplary place of sacrifice,hardwork and the pride of Madridismo - a place that would brings together football fans and players from across the globe.  He quoted this renovation as an “exciting destiny”at the Extraordinary General Assembly 2021.

Santiago Bernabeu Renovation

Additions To Santiago Bernabeu Stadium After Renovation

Real Madrid's home will have a brand new look after renovation. The stadium's exterior will be a striking feature, with steel stripes forming the facade, giving it a unique look. New leisure and entertainment areas are also being added to provide fans with an interactive and fun experience. Esports enthusiasts will be thrilled, as a dedicated area is being built in the stadium. A new shopping centre, two towers, and as many Real Madrid stores will be added to the complex.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Santiago Bernabeu's Renovation

Q. What is Santiago Bernabeu?

A. Santiago Bernabeu is the home of Spanish and European football giants Real Madrid. It is among the most popular and thrilling football stadiums worldwide.

Q. Is Santiago Bernabeu stadium being renovated?

A. Santiago Bernabeu is being renovated to enhance the fan experience and further establish the stadium as the benchmark for sporting arenas.

Q. When did Santiago Bernabeu's renovation start?

A. Santiago Bernabeu's renovation started in 2019 and is scheduled to be completed before the 2023-24 season starts.

Q. What will the capacity of Santiago Bernabeu stadium be after renovation?

A. The stadium's seating capacity will exceed 81,000 after its renovation is completed.

Q. When will Santiago Bernabeu's renovation be completed?

A. Santiago Bernabeu's renovation should be completed before the 2023-24 season starts.

Q. What is the inauguration date of Santiago Bernabeu stadium?

A. Santiago Bernabeu was inaugurated on 14 December 1947. Real Madrid played the Portuguese team Os Belenenses on the day.

Q. What are the main highlights of Santiago Bernabeu's renovation?

A. Santiago Bernabeu is being renovated to enhance the fan experience, allow fans to shop for whatever they want, and establish the stadium as the best in the world. The wrap-around facade with steel stripes will give the stadium a new look, while new shopping centers and towers will increase fan experience and accessibility.

Q. What has Santiago Bernabeu's renovation cost?

A. Santiago Bernabéu's renovation is expected to cost Real Madrid over €800 million.

Q. What are the new additions to Santiago Bernabeu stadium?

A. Two new towers, a shopping center, and two Real Madrid stores are a few additions to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Q. Is Santiago Bernabeu open to visitors?

A. Yes, Santiago Bernabeu is open to visitors every day of the week. Mondays to Thursdays, it is open from 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM. On Saturdays and Sundays, it is open from 10:00 AM to 6:30 AM.